12 sue Organigram over 2019 legionnaires’ disease outbreak

12 sue Organigram over 2019 legionnaires’ disease outbreak. CBC News reports of how 16 people became ill over 2 months in Moncton.

Twelve lawsuits have been filed against Moncton-based cannabis producer Organigram by people who say they became ill during a legionnaires’ disease outbreak in 2019.

Eleven separate lawsuits were filed in Moncton’s Court of Queen’s Bench on June 30, and one was filed in February.

The cases allege Organigram was negligent in its operation of the cooling towers determined to be the source of the outbreak and didn’t take adequate measures to reduce the risk of growth of the bacteria that causes the illness.

One statement of claim says the person was told by health officials they likely contracted the illness by breathing in the bacteria while driving on a highway near Organigram’s plant.

The most recent lawsuits were filed by Halifax-based Wagners Law Firm on behalf of 11 of the 16 people who became ill with the severe form of pneumonia. All 16 survived, although the illness can be deadly.

CBC News has requested comment from Organigram.

The outbreak was declared over in early September 2019, several weeks after cooling towers pinpointed as the source of the outbreak were cleaned and no new cases identified.

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