14 Legionnaires Cases and 1 Death in Union County, North Carolina Prompts Call for Review

14 Legionnaires Cases and 1 Death in Union County, North Carolina Prompts Call for Review.

An article released by prnewswire.com tells of a series of new cases of legionnaires disease in Union County, North Carolina.

The article reads:

UNION COUNTY, N.J.March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Union County is again battling a rash of Legionnaires’ disease cases with one death reported, mirroring 2019 when 22 cases of Legionnaires Disease resulted in five deaths across the county.  Similar to 2019, the surge in cases followed shortly after the water systems serving the area underwent a change in treatment protocols – a practice increasingly being called into question for elevating the risk of legionella bacteria development and release.

The Alliance to Prevent Legionnaires Disease, a national non-profit organization, is calling for a thorough and extensive review of these new cases and the water systems serving Union County.

“We are very concerned to learn of 14 Legionnaires’ disease cases and one death recently reported in Union County,” said Bob Bowcock, Managing Director with Integrated Resource Management, Inc. and an Alliance board member.  “Unfortunately, Union County dealt with a similar situation just two years ago.  We believe a concerted effort must be made to fully understand these cases so we can prevent further risks to the public and take proper actions to prevent future cases.”

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