A third person has died after a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in North Carolina

A new article has risen from CNN, written by Nicole Chavez and Jamiel Lynch, stating that a third person has died from the legionnaires outbreak in North Carolina.

None of the victims has been identified by authorities and health officials have not discussed the circumstances of their deaths.

The 140 cases involve people from several North Carolina counties and a few other states. Ninety-four people have been hospitalised, health officials said.

The outbreak has been linked to a hot tubs display in the Davis Events Centre and officials said it took place during the last five days of the fair, a preliminary report shows.
There were no other significant sources of aerosolised water — small droplets of water or mist that can be inhaled — at the event centre, and no other ongoing potential sources of exposure identified, the health department has said.
This opens an obvious discussion if water displays should be used at all never mind without testing water supplies first.

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