Bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease found in N.J. prison water

Following on from last weeks news, journalist Blake Nelson has written a piece for the New Jersey Advance Media ( New Jersey officials have found a potentially deadly bacteria in the water at one of New Jersey’s largest prisons, according to a staff memo obtained by NJ Advance Media.

Northern State Prison Correction Officers check vehicles entering the entrance of the facility in Newark during the state lockdown of all prisons after the stabbing of a corrections officer in Cumberland County. 07/30/97 NJNP Photo/William Perlman SL

Legionella was detected in a medical building at Northern State Prison in Newark, according to the document, and staff have since moved inmates out of the affected area. The bacteria causes Legionnaire’s disease, a form of pneumonia especially dangerous for people with compromised immune systems, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Experts say prisoners generally have more health problems than the general population.While an inmate did recently die at that facility, it was not necessarily connected to the bacteria, according to William Sullivan, president of NJ PBA Local 105, the state’s largest corrections union.More information about the death, including the prisoner’s identity, was not immediately available. A corrections spokeswoman did not respond to questions sent late Thursday, and messages left with the state health department on Friday were not immediately returned.

State prisons were already hit hard by the pandemic, and the discovery of the bacteria came almost exactly a year after the first inmate died with the coronavirus.

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