Bacteria which can cause Legionnaire’s Disease found in leisure centre

The bacteria which can cause Legionnaire’s Disease has been discovered in the showers at a Norfolk leisure centre.

Inspections have identified the legionella contamination in both the male and female showers at the Long Stratton Leisure Centre.

That bacteria can cause the lung infection Legionnaire’s Disease. Droplets of water which contain the bacteria can cause the infection if they are breathed in.

The discovery has prompted South Norfolk Council to close the showers at the centre, which re-opened in April after a £2m revamp and extension.

While council bosses say the risk of healthy people contracting Legionnaire’s Disease – a severe form of pneumonia – is extremely low, there is an increased risk for more vulnerable people.

The bacteria can also cause a milder illness called Pontiac fever.

As a precautionary measure, anybody who has used the Long Stratton Leisure Centre showers over the past 10 days, who is experiencing severe, flu-like symptoms, is advised to speak to their GP.

A spokesman for South Norfolk Council said: “Long Stratton leisure centre has closed its showers as a precautionary measure following the discovery of legionella in both the male and female showers.

“Information provided by the NHS says that for people who are healthy the risk of contracting Legionnaires disease is extremely low.

“However, it is increased for men over the age of 50 and for individuals whose immune system is suppressed and smokers.

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