BS 7592: 2022 Sampling for Legionella bacteria. What’s new?

The British Standard Institution issues guidance on water sampling to test for Legionella bacteria. It has recently published a new version of the standard: BS 7592: 2022, which considers routine monitoring and outbreak investigations. It is essential that anyone working in water sampling for Legionella control keeps abreast of new developments in this standard.

What’s the purpose of BS 7592: 2022?

BS 7592: 2022 is a standardised procedure to test water systems for the presence of Legionella bacteria. The standard applies to sampling artificial water systems; it provides approaches to sample biofilms and sediments that could be present in water systems. It also describes methods of collecting water from systems and ways of monitoring systems that control Legionella bacteria—the cause of Legionnaires’ disease.

The standard applies to hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, spa pools, and any other water system identified as a potential risk. It is designed to help the owners or those responsible for risk systems to take samples for Legionella bacteria compliantly based on the requirements of current legislation.

What has changed in BS 7592: 2022?

Prior to the 2022 updated version, the standard was last issued in 2008. As a result of the amendments (detailed in the subsections below), it is essential that those responsible update their training and equipment provisions and their Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS).

The changes include additional sections that detail sampling for:

  • Investigations
  • Abrasive contamination
  • Commissioning and recommissioning

There are also three new annexes containing information on:

  • Sampling to investigate incidents and outbreaks in hotels and other multi-occupancy buildings

Sampling to investigate incidents and outbreaks in hospitals and healthcare

The updates contained in BS7592:2022 are significant for the water management industry. Ensuring processes have been modernised based on the updated standard is vital for those who have a duty of care.

Much has changed over the fourteen years since the previous version of the standard in 2008 was published to protect health. Understanding and implementing the updates in BS7592:2022 will save even more lives.

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