Cardiff students in lockdown in halls forced to move due to potentially infected water supply

Cardiff University has sent an email to students remaining in Uni residences warning of a “possible issue with the water supply”. Due to the “potential low risk” of Legionella, which they stress has not yet been confirmed, they have made the decision to temporarily move students whilst they carry out “routine remediation”.

Students will be moved to hotels or Cardiff Metropolitan University accommodation. In addition, the University will provide these students with £30/day to cover the cost of food, and taxis for transport will be made available.

Legionella is a group of bacteria which causes a pneumonia-type illness called Legionnaires’ disease and a mild flu-like illness called Pontiac fever. The email advises students to be aware of the legionnaire symptoms and contact NHS Direct on 111 if they think they may be affected.

Whilst arrangements to move students are being made, they are being told to only use cold water from their kitchen tap and to ensure the lid is down when they flush the toilet. This means students should avoid using their university accommodation shower.

Students in Senghennydd Court Houses L, N and P as well as in Talybont South House 9 will be able to return to their current accommodation within five days. Meanwhile, remaining students are expected to have to be relocated for four weeks whilst “the complete programme of works to remedy the situation is complete”.

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