Care home ‘requires improvement’ after health risks exposed

A recent article posted by the Basing Stoke Gazzette discusses how a local Care Home is at risk of disease.

Elderly patients were at risk of Legionnaire’s disease for months after health inspectors ordered Heatherside Care Home to urgently improve their care and safety standards.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) outline a series of concerns with fire safety and medicinal practices throughout the care home in Hook, a recent report says.

However, their new management, argues that “99% of the corrections addressed in the report were corrected within the week” after the CQC ordered the fire service to address the concerns laid out in their report.

According to the CQC: “The provider had failed to assess, monitor and mitigate the risks relating to the safety of the service, service users and others.

“Audits had failed to identify concerns found in relation to the fire safety, legionella management, medicines management, staff requirement and supervision and appraisal arrangements.”

This highlighted ineffective conduct of fire drills including poor condition of fire doors in the building which had not been corrected following the previous assessment in March 2019.

The health care watchdogs across North Hampshire raised several risks for Legionnaires’ disease through improper water systems throughout the building that placed guests at risk of harm and required maintenance staff members to take a training course.

It’s cases like this that Black Sheep Compliance aims to lower, before it gets anymore serious. It’s easy to think that water born diseases aren’t there because we cant see them but its only by keeping up with regular cleaning and maintenance checks that we’re able to prevent it them from transpiring.

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