Central Harlem Victim Hires Legionnaires Lawyer at Legionnaires.com

Legionnaires disease Lawyer Jory Lange and prominent Manhattan attorney Scott Harford have been retained in the Central Harlem Legionnaires Outbreak. At least 18 people have gotten Legionnaires disease in this outbreak, all of whom were hospitalised. The health department has linked NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem’s cooling tower to the outbreak. “Legionnaires lawsuits are likely to follow,” Jory Lange confirmed.

Complaints will allege that victims developed Legionnaires’ disease after breathing water vapours contaminated with dangerous legionella pathogen. “The fact that invisible water vapour from a cooling tower can carry deadly pathogens like Legionella, and can cause so many hospitalisations, is alarming,” said attorney Jory Lange. Attorney Scott Harford added, “this is particularly concerning as Legionnaire’s disease cases are on the rise, especially in New York.”

About the Central Harlem Legionnaires Outbreak
The NYC Health Department analysed sputum samples from patients and water samples from the cooling towers in the investigation area – zip codes 10037, 10039, and bordering communities. These analyses showed the same very rare strain of legionella bacteria found in one of the clinical specimens matched a cooling tower at NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem.

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