‘Critical’ legionella risk found in Barrow shops

A recent article posted by BBC News explains how their was a ‘Critical’ risk level of legionella trace found in the Barrow Borough, Cumbria.

The article states how risk assessments were carried out on 19 premises leased by the Barrow Borough Council. Experts from a water treatment firm found no premises had the “highest” level of concern for legionella, according to a report prepared for the council. However, “critical” and “essential” issues were discovered that needed addressing promptly to guard against the bug taking root and to comply with safe practice.

Council chiefs have now written to shop owners to remind them of their responsibilities as shop owners to carry out monthly water checks to prevent this expanding any further. Seven people died and a further 180 were infected with Legionnaires’ disease in Barrow in 2002 due to a faulty air conditioning system at the council-run Forum 28 arts centre.

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