Hotelier says ‘I’ve got my legionella risk assessment completed, that’s it’

A recent article by Daniel Pitcher via the ‘Water Hygiene Centre’ website values the debate of is just passing your water compliance testing ‘enough’?

Well we at Black Sheep believe that their is always room for improvement in every system so although the property may pass the necessary tests their is always more to be done, thats what this article discusses.

Daniel states in the post “This blog has been prompted on the back of a brief conversation, in which the hotelier believed that having had a legionella risk assessment completed , the hotel was compliant with the law and there was nothing else to do. An interesting notion, for many reasons, principally that having paid for the legionella risk assessment there was nothing else to do. That’s akin to taking your car for an MOT, the car failing its MOT with a list of things that need to be fixed, but you drive off without getting them fixed. We all know that those failures need repairing so that the car is roadworthy and can be taxed and insured. You must get on with the repairs required.”

There are many requirements to comply with the ‘Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations’ and the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations’; one of those requirements being the need to complete risk assessments. Within the grand jigsaw that makes up health & safety, a legionella risk assessment is just one piece, other pieces of that jigsaw may include fire risk assessments, asbestos surveys, and workplace risk assessments to name a few.

Legionella risk assessment is not just about looking at the hot and cold-water systems within the hotel and taking a few water temperatures. A suitable and sufficient legionella risk assessment must consider the management arrangements, the Legionella control measures that have been implemented and how well these mitigate the risks from legionella that are identified. This is what we at Black Sheep provide ourselves on accomplishing.

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