How Domestic Items Could Effect Your Standard of Living

In a recent article by the Mirror author Ann Stenhouse investigates and explains how simple household items could effect your health and wellbeing at home. Scientists have released a study revealing bath toys that squirt water could be harbouring bugs that can cause eye, ear and stomach infections – including Legionella and drug-resistant superbugs that can cause death.

Ann begins to explain how a study taken shows how your everyday items could cause serious harm to you and your young ones.

Over 11 weeks the scientists from Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology and the University of Illinois simulated typical bathtime conditions with the toys, before cutting them in half and examining the bacteria that had grown inside them. The researchers found between 5 million and 75 million cells per square centimetre inside the toys, with potentially pathogenic bacteria identified in 80% of all the toys studied, including Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacterium often implicated in hospital-acquired infections.

Doctor Frederik Hammes, one of the papers’ authors, said: “Mouldy bath toys are widely discussed in online forums and blogs, but they have received little scientific attention to date.”

Hammes said of children using possibly contaminated bath toys: “This could strengthen the immune system, which would be positive, but it can also result in eye, ear, or even gastrointestinal infections.”

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