How tech is helping water companies improve lockdown customer service

An article by WWT was posted last month discussing how new technology could be helping business and large buildings keep their water safe over lockdown. Bobby Bahia, commercial director for transport & infrastructure at Totalmobile, discusses how technology innovations and deployments in the last year mean that Lockdown 3.0 is going to look very different (and improved) for customers and staff at utilities firms.

“Though many had hoped we’d put the lockdowns of 2020 behind us, the new year has started with yet another – Lockdown 3.0. On the plus side, having been through this experience twice already in the UK, many utilities companies are starting to get used to the processes that are required to continue to deliver quality customer service with a reduced workforce during these periods.

However, this is the first national lockdown during winter months, and for water companies in particular, cold weather brings a new set of challenges. But with lessons that have been learned from the previous 12 months, businesses are in a better place as they have a much greater understanding now of how to ensure their employees can keep working, despite the heavy restrictions in place.”

Whilst the UK Government has released there roadmap out of lockdown it’s still important to discuss the longterm effects of lockdown should things not go as planned. The article goes on to discuss; “Video-based remote assistance is another innovative technology that is helping companies across the utilities industry to improve customer experience during lockdown. In the ‘new normal’ where limiting face-to-face contact is high on the priority list, any solution that can reduce the amount of time people spend in multiple locations, and the number of people that need to be there at all, is beneficial. Video-based remote assistance is enabling water maintenance workers to complete their jobs with less risk to themselves and others – be it other workers, such as Highway Maintenance, or members of the local community.”

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