Israeli Startup Hopes To Reduce Legionnaires’ Risk With Safe Shower

An Israeli startup company has been working on a prototype shower head that is rumoured reduce or even eliminate the risk of legionnaires disease within the average home, however, if proved successful this could have mass application across the globe. Follow along with this article from Israeli Innovation News to find out just how it works and how the small brand plans to up production scale.

“Lidor Zabari, an Israeli entrepreneur, has been trying to promote Legionnaires’ disease prevention for over four years.

Zabari is the founder of Safe Shower, a company on a mission to save lives by making shower water safe from Legionnaires’ disease. He says his product is “a game-changer. It doesn’t need maintenance. It can be added to every household.”

In 2020, Safe Shower’s device was chosen as one of 50 promising inventions by Blue Tulip Awards.

The Safe Shower shower head looks like any other. But Zabari tells NoCamels that the parts of his device, a patent-based shower head that minimises the risk of Legionnaires’ disease, includes an innovative continuous disinfection unit atop the shower head.

The company is also working on a UVC LED-based product with a tiny 30 millimeter disinfection unit. ”

Global outbreaks of the novel coronavirus forced the closing of public buildings, hotels and work places the world over. With vaccines now underway and countries beginning to reopen after lockdown, “buildings unoccupied or under-used during the prolonged lockdown pose a risk, through stagnating water in devices or piping systems, of providing conditions where harmful bacteria, including Legionella, can proliferate,” reads a report about the increased risk of Legionella pneumonia after COVID-19 lockdowns.

In May 2020, The New York Times ran a huge feature article on a luxury hotel in Barcelona that continued to employ a maintenance guy to turn on and off 1,400 taps and avoid Legionnaires’ disease. The Barcelona hotel’s decision to keep one member on staff showed the need for ensuring infrastructures remain safe to the public.

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