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As a landlord or commercial property owner, protecting the health and safety of your tenants is a legal duty. Legionella risk assessments are critical in ensuring that your legal duty has been met and your property’s water supply is safe to utilise and consume.

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At Black Sheep Compliance, we offer comprehensive legionella risk assessment services, including audits of all water systems within commercial buildings and rented properties. All of our services are carried out in line with the Health and Safety Executive’s Standards and Guidance, offering you complete peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your staff, visitors, and tenants.
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What do our Legionella Risk Assessments for Landlords and Commercial Property Owners involve?

  • Diagnosing potential hazards associated with your water systems and assessing the risks pose
  • Determining who, if anyone, could be at risk
  • Testing all water systems for the optimal conditions relating to Legionella proliferation
  • Advising on the correct control measures to reduce the risks posed by Legionella bacteria
  • Recording of the assessment findings
  • Design and completion of a detailed risk assessment report
  • Delivery and presentation of the risk assessment report
  • Creating a review schedule based on your individual requirements

Health & Safety Executive’s Standards & Guidance

In 2013, the revised ‘Approved Code of Practice’ was released by the Health & Safety Executive. This code of practice conveys that undertaking a legionella risk assessment is essential, if you are to comply with your legal duty to protect your tenant’s health and safety.

The British Standard referring to legionella risk assessments was updated in 2019 and is now called BS 8580-1:2019. This standard provides strict steps relating to the assessment of the risks associated with Legionella bacteria from man-made water systems, and the potential for Legionnaires' disease.


Why can’t I carry out a risk assessment myself?

Landlords in theory can carry out a legionella risk assessment themselves but, there are complexities in doing so and extensive knowledge of water systems is essential.

To carry out a risk assessment, you’ll need to understand if water is stored or continually circulated. You’ll also need to know if there are sources of nutrients and conditions present for legionella bacteria to multiply. Another aspect is determining if it is possible for contaminated water droplets to form and if so, where.

Due to this complexity, it can become unviable for landlords and commercial property owners to carry out an assessment effectively. More often than not, these ramifications combined with the legal obligation to keep tenants safe, can be considered too much responsibility for an unqualified person to bear.

Why use Black Sheep Compliance?

Black Sheep Legionella risk assessments are carried out by fully qualified and experienced water compliance engineers, who hold the Logic Certification for Legionella prevention and water treatment. This means that your risk assessment will be fully compliant in meeting your obligation under ACoP L8 and ensures you don’t compromise the safety of tenants.

All of our reports are presented to customers in a client friendly manner, ensuring clarity in our communication and a thorough understanding for our clients.


Post Assessment Services & Compliance

Our service doesn’t stop there! We are experts in helping customers manage actions following the assessment and thus, providing them with peace of mind their actions are implemented, monitored, and completed in an auditable manner.

Over time, water systems and buildings may be modified. Furthermore, the HSE guidelines may change and new information may be released. As a result, Legionella risk assessments must be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure all related risks are reviewed and managed.

We can pre-arrange a post-remedial work Legionella risk assessment, to reassess the building’s reduced risks associated with Legionella bacteria, as well as ensuring that the newly completed building work satisfies the latest compliance.

If you are unsure of your legal obligations regarding Legionella risk assessments, if your current assessment is not compliant, or you need assistance in managing highlighted Legionella related risks, we welcome enquiries and are more than happy to provide a brief and free system health check.

Download the Legionella Control App

As a customer of Black Sheep Compliance you can now benefit from our partner Legionella Dossier App. This market leading software works as an add on to the services we offer.

The No.1 Legionella Control Platform keeps your buildings safe & compliant with a digital logbook & IoT sensors.

Legionella prevention & control is a complex field, involving labour-intensive procedures, time-consuming paperwork and repetitive tasks, such as flushing, keeping records, scheduling tasks and staying compliant. Download this app for an all-in-one digital logbook for all your buildings to help you maintain documents and perform tasks while remaining fully L8 and HSG274 compliant.

  • Work together in a collaborative platform
  • Make tasks quicker & easier
  • Receive automatic task notifications & reminders
  • Real-time insights

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