Legionnaires’ Disease Claim Life of Tyler Community Leader Ruben Gutierrez

Another death has occurred in America at one of the state county fairs this time within Texas. The article by Outbreak News Today posted on 11th November had this to say.

In a follow-up on the report on the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak linked to the East Texas State Fair, the first person has died in the East Texas State Fair Legionnaires Outbreak.  Last Friday, Tyler community leader Ruben Gutierrez died. Mr. Gutierrez spent the last week in September running the Democratic Party’s booth at the East Texas State Fair.  His family believes that he contracted Legionnaires’ disease at the East Texas State Fair.

A well-regarded community leader, volunteer, and Smith County Democratic Party precinct chair, Mr. Gutierrez had been in and out of the hospital for the last six weeks.  Mr. Gutierrez had been fighting for his life. First he was fighting Legionnaires’ disease. Then he was fighting complications from the Legionnaires’ disease, including a bacterial infection called C. diff.  The complications of Legionnaires’ disease ultimately took his life.

His family believes Ruben Gutierrez contracted Legionnaire’s disease while volunteering at the East Texas State Fair in September.  Mr. Gutierrez set up and ran the Democratic Party’s booth in the Harvey Convention Centre throughout the East Texas State Fair.

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