Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak in New Jersey Causes Growing Concern about Legionella Bacteria

Instances of Sporadic Legionnaires Disease Cases Have Been Growing, Recent Outbreak Suggests Cooling Towers Could Be A Possible Source of Infection.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 14, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The number of diagnosed Legionnaires cases has been steadily increasing over the last several years. In most of these cases, it is very difficult to identify the source of infection. There is an ongoing outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease that may have been caused by Cooling Towers unfolding in Union County, New Jersey. The most recent data suggests that Fourteen individuals have been confirmed to have Legionnaires disease and one person has died as a result of the disease. These cases were all reported between February 3rd through February 26th.

Jules Zacher, an attorney with experience litigating Legionnaires’ disease cases, has been hired to represent two individuals that may have been infected as a part of this outbreak. Their legal cases are currently ongoing. In these types of cases, is critically important to be able to identify the sources of infection of Legionnaires disease. The New Jersey Department of Health stated in their March 2, 2021 press release, “the department is currently conducting epidemiological and environmental investigations to identify possible sources of exposures to the bacteria, conducting environmental sampling for Legionella, and recommending environmental remediation strategies to prevent further transmission of Legionella. Some potential sources have been identified and remediation has begun at those sites, but other sources may be identified as part of the ongoing investigation.”

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