Ludlow Legionnaires’ disease death confirmed by inquest

Elaine Esther Brown, 69, unfortunately contracted the fatal infection (Legionnaires Disease) at the Feathers Hotel where she stayed with her husband Graham on July 30, 2017.

Mrs Brown unfortunately passed away shortly after the visit on August 26 at Royal Liverpool University Hospital from a stroke contributed to by legionella pneumonia.

Prior to Mrs Brown’s visits to the hotel, the deadly bacteria had been identified and apparently removed with clear post work water samples confirming the bacteria is free from the system.

But just a month later, Mrs Brown stayed in room 133 and contracted the disease which eventually lead to her death.


Although the post water samples confirmed the rectifying plumbing works and disinfection were a success, Legionella bacteria is not always removed from water systems so easily. Alongside hidden dead legs of pipework, biofilms which naturally occurring within pipework and water tanks can offer Legionella bacteria protection from disinfectants such as chlorine.

As a result it is imperative any water system previously contaminated by Legionella bacteria is subjected to a period of regular Legionella water sampling to further confirm any potential proliferation is negated.