Patients being moved out of Ward 7 at Dr Gray’s Hospital due to a “legionella risk”

Outlets were sampled as part of ongoing redevelopment work in that part of the hospital, with results revealing water quality issues.

To date, no cases of Legionnaires Disease have been found in either patients or staff. However, until the risk can be properly investigated and managed, the area will be closed to patients and staff.

Alasdair Pattinson, the hospital’s general manager, said: “I know this move will cause inconvenience and disruption for patients, their families, and staff.

“However, the safety of everyone in Dr Gray’s Hospital must be a priority. Until we can properly understand and deal with this water quality issue, this is the best course of action.

“The hospital is busy at present and making changes like this will likely affect the wider staff team. I am extremely grateful to everyone working on this for their flexibility and hard work, at an already pressured time.”

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