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Black Sheep Compliance specialise in helping employers and duty holders control the risks from Legionella Disease...

Industrial & Commercial

Commercial businesses employing 5 or more people require a written management scheme and legionella risk assessment to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executives ACOP L8 guidelines. Typically establishments contain process water to form part of a manufacturing system. Such processes may present a significant risk in relation to Legionella proliferation, and the exposure of staff members working within the location. Systems of this nature including cooling towers require manging through Legionella risk assessment, potential remediation, and ongoing management.

Black Sheep Compliance obtain diverse ability to cover a wide range of businesses within the sector including office premises, industrial factories and plants, construction sites and distribution centres.

With 15 years’ experience within the industry Black Sheep Compliance provides risk assessment and other legionella control services to some of the largest industrial business in the UK.

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Establishments utilised for the purpose of education such as Nurseries, Schools, Colleges, and Universities all require the use of, sometimes complex, water systems. Water systems of a complex nature common to these types of buildings are known to encourage the proliferation of Legionella bacteria. vulnerable young persons may be exposed to contaminated water daily if the water systems are not controlled correctly.

The staff at Black Sheep Compliance have a vast experience of working alongside many universities, schools, and nurseries to designed, implement, and manage a cost effective Legionella management scheme in line with the ACOP L8 guidelines. As a result our customers are free to attend their day roles while we take care of the rest.

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Although these premises are typically of a small nature, the water services within retail stores can present a significant risk to human health. Retail stores situated within shopping centres are communally supplied via the shopping centre mains or tanked water supply. It is imperative that any tanked drinking water supply provided by the shopping centre to the retail stores is suitable for consumption.

Aged high street store buildings typically consist of non-compliant water systems in requiring improvement measures and Legionella related management.

All retail companies employing 5 people, or more are required to have a written control scheme and legionella assessment to comply with the requirements of the ACoP L8.

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Hotel & Leisure

Public safety is paramount particularly within the Leisure industry. From hotels to holiday cottages it is extremely important any risks associated with Legionella bacteria are identified and managed. Typically, large hot and cold water systems incorporating showers, varied spa water systems, and hot tubs present an atmosphere suitable for contracting Legionella along with other types of bacteria.

These systems require close and consistent monitoring strictly to the latest ACOP L8 guidelines by a competent organisation. Our friendly and professional consultants are experienced to competently assess, audit, and manage such systems. As a result our customers are provided the with peace of mind their public visitors are safe to utilise the on-site water services.

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Persons who are immunocompromised are at a greater risk of contracting Legionnaires disease. These types or persons may be found within elderly care homes, hospitals, medical centres, or dental practices. Such locations require the addition of heightened guidelines via the department of health ensuring the water systems utilised operate with minimal risk of Legionella proliferation. Such buildings operate with an increased comfort ambient temperature and as a result require methodical Legionella risk assessments and management.

Black Sheep Compliance have extensive experience working in such establishments alongside the specific guidelines ensuring our clients remain fully compliant within minimal risk to the site staff and occupants.