Still no source, 7 active cases in Moncton’s Legionnaires’ disease outbreak

The number of cases in the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in the Moncton area remains at seven, though two are still in hospital, and one of those patients is in the intensive care unit. “So far, most of them have been on the road to recovery, which is good news,” says Dr. Yves Léger, the east region’s medical officer of health. “We’re hopeful that the rest will as well.”

Léger says there have been no commonalities or links between the cases, aside from all patients either residing in, or having travelled in, the Moncton area.

The source of the outbreak has still not been confirmed, though Léger says he believes “a contaminated cooling tower is the most likely cause of their infection so far.”

Twenty-three cooling towers at 11 locations in the western part of the city have been tested.

“Looking at our cases’ travel patterns, coupled with wind patterns in the Greater Moncton area during their time of exposure, has led us to focus our initial efforts towards the western part of the city,” Léger says.

“This area is similar to the one targeted in 2019, however it is larger as well,” he says.

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